JCLD is...


EXPERIENCED:  Jennifer studied Horticulture and Landscape Management at the University of Maryland and Landscape Design at George Washington University.  She is a Master Gardener and specializes in the proper pruning and maintenance of woody ornamentals.  She has worked in the landscape industry for over 30 years.  
For the past eight years Jennifer has been living in Easton, Maryland designing, installing and maintaining sustainable landscapes for her clients on the eastern shore.  Ten years prior to this, she worked in environmental construction, designing and managing the installation of wetlands, ponds, bio-retention facilities and stream and shoreline restoration projects. 


HANDS ON:  Jennifer is on-site for all of her installation and maintenance projects, working closely with clients and contractors to design, install and maintain landscapes that are beautiful, functional and long-lasting. 



  • Full Service Design allows you to combine design services and eliminate the need for multiple consultants saving time and money.  Design services can include: architectural/landscape design, environmental design/permitting and on-site sketches.

  • Free consultations are offered within 25 miles of Easton unless  on-site design is performed.

  • Not to exceed pricing on design proposals unless the scope of work changes during the design process.

  • Effective communication and daily project management insures projects are managed to finish on-time and within budget.